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T-Shirt Kids Love “Summer”


June 21 – Summer is here! T-Shirt Kids are excited to go for a colour-walk exploring nature looking for summer colours.

-Before going outdoors, make a list of 8 colours on a sheet of paper. Leave spaces beside and between each colour name. Or download our activity sheet.

-As you walk or run outdoors, look for things in nature that match the colours on your list.

-When you find things that match, write them in the spaces beside the colour.

-After completing your colour-walk, indoors draw the things you found. Colour them the same colour they matched on your list.


  • Physical activity
  • Connecting with nature


  • Summer is our warmest season
  • It’s the season most flowers bloom showing off nature’s beautiful colours
  • And it’s the season trees and plants grow producing food crops

Please download our Colour Walk activity