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T-Shirt Kids enjoy “Cycling”


T-Shirt Kids love cycling. Besides being fast and fun, it gives freedom and independence to get around. Every day can be a bike riding day but this week

T-Shirt Kids want to focus on cycling.  Cycling can include tricycles, scooters, ride-ons, bicycles, etc.

Plan a journey on quiet roads or biking trails; cycling will add a sense of adventure.

Since biking is for all ages, make it a family event. Toddlers can ride in bike carriers with parents.

When possible and safe, T-Shirt Kids like to cycle to school or visit friends rather than drive.


  • Making memories
  • Fun exercise
  • Top notch quality family-time


  • Bike safely – daytime riding is the safest
  • Always wear the proper helmet and equipment
  • Choose safe places to cycle

Please download our Bicycle activity