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T-Shirt Kids’ Dads “Rock”


Father’s Day is June 16, 2019. T-Shirt Kids know that their Dad rocks so they want to paint a rock to give him on Father’s day. Large painted rocks can be used as a lawn ornament, mid-size rocks, as door stoppers and garden markers; smaller rocks can be used as a paper weights.

Turn a rock into a real piece of art by painting words on it such as “Dad, You Rock”, “I Love You, Dad”, “You are the Best Dad”, “Happy Father’s Day” along with painted pictures of animals, birds, flowers, bugs, butterflies, or something you know your Dad likes. Happy rock painting.

When finished and dry, box and gift wrap it. Keep it a secret until Father’s Day.


  • Fun & more fun – a personal gift money can’t buy
  • Creative activities stimulate the brain
  • Art skills / Self esteem / Self confidence
  • Love is positive feelings and emotions


  • Clean the rocks and let them dry.
  • Use biodegradable, environmentally-friendly water-based paints.
  • When your art work is finished and the paint is dry, you can brush on a clear sealant that will keep them shiny and fresh.

Please download our Fathers Day activity