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T-Shirt Kids Celebrate “Easter”


T-Shirt Kids are hopping around to get ready for the Easter celebration on April 1, 2018. They want to fill plastic eggs with activities printed on pieces of paper for the Easter Egg Fitness Hunt. Kids must do the activities found in each egg such as:

skip a rope 10 jumps

balance an egg on your head while walking 15 steps

hop on one foot for 30 seconds

run around the house

count to 25

print a math equation on the paper like 5 + 5 = ???

turn around 4 times

walk backwards 20 steps

turn a somersault

repeat the alphabet

blow up a balloon

throw a ball

hop like a bunny

leap like a frog, or any other activity you choose. You can also put small items that match the activity inside the eggs – a balloon, ball, marble, sticker, coin, ring, pencil topper, raisins, nuts, gum, etc. When the eggs are filled and ready, store them in a basket or container until it’s time to hide them for the Easter Egg Fitness Hunt. You can use real eggs but you’d have to write the activity on the outside of the shell.


  • Cool exercise is fun and healthy
  • Exercise reduces blood sugar levels


  • Chocolate bunnies and other candies are not healthy snacks.
  • Easter eggs can be filled with fun things that are better for you than candy.

Please download our Easter activity page!