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T-Shirt Kids are having a “Picnic”


T-Shirt Kids have been waiting all winter for this activity – a T-Shirt Kids’ picnic! What better way to take advantage of a warm sunny day than having a picnic with family and friends.

Choose a place for your picnic. It can be your backyard, at a beach, a park or any favourite spot.

Prepare and pack healthy sandwiches, cut veggies, fresh fruit, cold drinks and healthy snacks in a picnic basket, backpack, or cooler along with a blanket to spread on the ground.

Remember to take toys you can enjoy outside such as balls, Frisbees, skipping ropes, etc.


  • Your lungs breath fresh outdoor air.
  • Physical activity helps you grow.
  • Vitamin D from the sun helps build strong bones.


  • Healthy food gives you healthy energy so you can do healthy activities and enjoy lots of healthy fun.
  • Always wash veggies and fruits well before eating them.
  • Include ice packs or pack foods that need to be kept cold in coolers.

Please download our Picnic activity