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T-Shirt Kids are excited to “Plant Seeds”


T-Shirt Kids are eager to plant seeds to watch them grow. Gardening can be planting seeds in containers to grow on a windowsill, caring for houseplants, or helping plant and maintain a vegetable garden.

Preparing the soil: T-Shirt Kids love digging in the soil and adding compost. Grow organically. Looking for earthworms and bugs is fun.

Some seeds should be started indoors before planting them outside in the garden due to frost damage. Create your own containers from egg cartons, milk cartons, yogurt cups, or anything that will hold water. Punch drainage holes in the bottom and place them on a tray for any excess water to drain. Fill the pots with a damp organic starter mix.

Larger seeds such as pumpkins, sunflower, peas, beans, cucumbers, squash, etc. are easy to plant and grow quickly. Place the seeds in indoor pots or directly outside in the garden. Label the containers or place row markers in the garden so you remember what is planted in each row.


  • Grow quickly
  • Love the sun
  • As they bloom they follow the sun
  • Are great at attracting pollinators like honey bees
  • When the seed matures they attract finches and other song birds


  • Watching plants grow is a fun and educational
  • Reaping the harvest
  • Gain self-esteem and a deeper connection to nature


  • Learn how to nurture seeds and plants
  • Learn the process – from seed to table
  • Gardening is an important life skill
  • Garden seeds and plants need water to grow

Please download this week’s Gardening activity