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T-Shirt Kids Make Flower Pots

T-Shirt Kids Make Flower Pots…

T-Shirt Kids have many ideas for making flower pots.

Using new or old flower pots, T-Shirt Kids are creative with paints, decorating them with butterflies, flowers, birds, bugs and more.

Remember: Up-cycle something old into something new. Recycle things like old pots and pans, work boots, or tires making them into planters.

T-Shirt Kids finish their planters by planting beautiful flowers in them. Fertilizer and water keeps them healthy and beautiful all summer. T-Shirt Kids enjoy watching their flowers grow and stay beautiful.


Rally’s plan is that T-Shirt Kids be creative every day.

Join in the Fun! Be Creative Every Day!


Making plant pots benefits kids in many ways:

  • An outlet for creativity
  • Engages kids’ senses
  • Teaches responsibility

Please download our Plant activity