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T-Shirt Kids Play Jack-in-the-Box


T-Shirt Kids Play Jack-in-the-Box…

T-Shirt Kids always get surprised when Jack pops up. Be creative; turn a large cardboard box into a jack-in-the-box by painting or colouring it with bright colours, adding decorations and a hand make crank on the side. When finished, kids can play Jack-in-the-box. Kids take turns being Jack while another kid cranks the handle. The kid inside pops up while another kid is turning the crank. Surprise!! For extra fun the kid inside the box can play a tune by tapping spoons,  playing a harmonica, clanging cymbals, shaking shakers or even singing a song until they pop up.  Fun! Fun! Fun! for kids.

Remember:  Always play safe

Rally’s plan is that T-Shirt Kids be creative every day.

Join in the Fun! Be Creative Every Day!

Making and playing Jack-in-the-box benefits kids in many ways:

  • Physical workout
  • Inspires kids’ creativity and imagination
  • Lots of healthy laughter

Please download our Jack in the Box activity