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Activities from Rally’s Planner for the month of March!

Activities from Rally’s Planner for the month of March!

Rally, the Manager of T-Shirt Kids Home Club, has a planner with an activity for every day of the year! This is to encourage children to be active, learn and grow while having lots of fun. Here are Rally’s activities for the month of March; be creative and fit the activities according to your lifestyle and weather conditions. Always have adult supervision when participating in T-Shirt Kids activities and always play safe!

Mar. 01 Help bake healthy cookies.

Mar. 02 From magazines cut out pictures to match numbers 1-10. Ex: (1) cut out 1 ball, (2) cut out 2 trees, etc.

Mar. 03 Do splits in the snow.

Mar. 04 Costume Day. Make a T-Shirt Kids’ wig or costume.

Mar. 05 Visit a maple syrup farm.

Mar. 06 Play with building blocks.

Mar. 07 Do a good deed.

Mar. 08 Play Simon says.

Mar. 09 Keep the balloon up.

Mar. 10 Play paper dolls.

Mar. 11 Make homemade wind chimes.

Mar. 12 Paint and decorate glass jars.

Mar. 13 Finger Painting.

Mar. 14 National Craft Day. Make handmade cheer cards, send them to someone that needs to   know   we care about them. Be sure to write on the card: From T-Shirt Kids and then include your name.

Mar. 15 Have a kids’ marching band.

Mar. 16 Melted crayon art.

Mar. 17 St. Patrick’s Day. Make a list of the things you can find that are green. Count and total your list.

Mar. 18 Make fridge magnets.

Mar. 19 Coloured ice cube painting.

Mar. 20 First day of Spring. Using square wooden blocks paint them to spell the word “S P R I N G”.   Place them on the windowsill.

Mar. 21 Pretend coffee shop.

Mar. 22 Make a punch bag. Practice your boxing skills.

Mar. 23 Do cartwheels outside.

Mar. 24 Make homemade binoculars and use on a nature walk.

Mar. 25 Have a magic show.

Mar. 26 Do paper towel art.

Mar. 27 Make a paper plate craft.

Mar. 28 Popsicle stick craft.

Mar. 29 Make a bunny using pussy willows or cotton balls for the fur.

Mar. 30 Make a ramp in the backyard.

Mar. 31 Get ready for a T-Shirt Kids Easter egg hunt. Fill Easter eggs with small toys, gum, paper activities, tattoos, healthy snacks, hair clips, small bubbles, etc.

Please download our March calendar