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Activities from Rally’s Planner for the month of January!

Activities from Rally’s Planner for the month of January!

Jan. 01 New Year’s day: Make a Journal/Scrapbook. Write in it every day.

Jan. 02 Make a poster with New Year’s resolutions. Hang it in your room..

Jan. 03 Make a Money Bank using a box or bottle. Plan to save as much money as you can this year. (Instructions on Activities Page of www.t-shirtkidstoys.com)

Jan. 04 Put jigsaw puzzles together.

Jan. 05 Make a badminton racket from paper plates, blow up balloons, and play balloon badminton inside.

Jan. 06 Sing and dance along with the T-Shirt Kid’s song. (YouTube: T-Shirt Kids channel)

Jan. 07 Go snow sledding!

Jan. 08 Build a snowman and play “Pin the nose on the snowman”.

Jan. 09 Make and fly paper airplanes.

Jan. 10 Create artwork with paints.

Jan. 11 Sewing: Make a T-Shirt Kid’s Beanie or sock puppet.

Jan. 12 Play school—You be the Teacher.

Jan. 13 Play a board game with family or friends.

Jan. 14 Help prepare a healthy meal.

Jan. 15 Make homemade play dough. (Recipe on Activities Page of www.t-shirtkidstoys.com)

Jan. 16 Make your bed and tidy your room. T-Shirt Kids make their bed every day.

Jan. 17 Make snow muffins, snow cake etc… Put on a snow feast.

Jan. 18 Test your talents. Which do you do best?

Jan. 19 Play musical chairs.

Jan. 20 Make a necklace using beads or buttons.

Jan. 21 Do kid’s gymnastics.

Jan. 22 Play Snow Buried Treasure. Parents crayons, books, healthy snacks, bubbles, small toys etc… in ziplock bags and hide them under the snow. Place a marker in the area they are buried. A treasure hide and seek. This is fun for kids.

Jan. 23 Make boots from boxes and then walk in them.

Jan. 24 Colour/Doodle a T-Shirt with markers.

Jan. 25 Try cross country skiing. If you don’t have a pair you can make a pair from thin narrow boards using laces to tie them to your boots! Fun! Fun!

Jan. 26 Make a list of all the things you find that are WHITE. Count and total your list.

Jan. 27 Look for animal tracks in the snow. Discover what animals visit your backyard. Deer? Rabbits?

Jan. 28 Make a family of snow angels.

Jan. 29 Make cool snow critters, bunnies, puppies, kittens etc…

Jan. 30 Do stretches. Stretch yourself up, down, every which way.

Jan. 31 Help shovel the snow.

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