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Activities from Rally’s Planner for the month of February!

Activities from Rally’s Planner for the month of February!

Rally, the Manager of T-Shirt Kids Home Club, has a planner with an activity for every day of the year! This is to encourage children to be active, learn and grow while having lots of fun. Here are Rally’s activities for the month of February; be creative and fit the activities according to your lifestyle and weather conditions. Always have adult supervision when participating in T-Shirt Kids activities and always play safe!

Feb. 01 Snow graffiti. Put water and food colouring in a spray bottle, then spray decorations on the snow.

Feb. 02 Have a fun snow ball fight.

Feb. 03 Make a T-Shirt Kids’ craft.

Feb. 04 Do crossword puzzles

Feb. 05 Host a tea party.

Feb. 06 Play hot potato game.

Feb. 07 Walk in snowshoes. If you don’t have a pair, you can make a pair from hardboard and laces.

Feb. 08 Go tobogganing.

Feb. 09 With adults and family, make and enjoy a winter campfire.

Feb. 10 Read story books.

Feb. 11 Decorate a pair of gloves. Using felt, yarn, eyes, etc., design a T-Shirt Kids’ face, a cat, puppy or anything you like.

Feb. 12 Build a snow house or igloo.

Feb. 13 National Pancake Day. Help make healthy pancakes. Enjoy!

Feb. 14 Valentine’s Day. Make handmade T-Shirt Kids’ valentines.

Feb. 15 National Flag Day. Make your own T-Shirt Kids’ Flag and hang it outside.

Feb. 16 Make a bird feeder from any type of container. Ex: plastic bottle, cups, margarine containers, etc. Decorate them. Fill it with bird seeds and hang it outside.

Feb. 17 Make snow tunnels. Play safe.

Feb. 18 Make a list of the things you can find that are grey. Count and total your list.

Feb. 19 Family Day. Learn about your family tree history by listening to your family telling stories.

Feb. 20 Sew or knit a scarf for your T-Shirt Kid.

Feb. 21 Follow your Dad by walking in his foot tracks in the snow.

Feb. 22 Blow bubbles outdoors and watch them freeze on the wand.

Feb. 23 Using a snow shovel, make a snow maze. Then walk through it.

Feb. 24 Go for a winter hike. Adult supervised.

Feb. 25 Catch snowflakes outdoors.

Feb. 26 Make snow ice cream. Always use clean snow.

Feb. 27 Make ice candles. Light them in the dark.

Feb. 28 Build a snow fort. Throw snow balls back and forth.

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